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Dr. Mikkleson

Wendy Mikkelson, MD

Breast Surgeon

“One way Aurora really shines is in looking for better ways to deliver care. We work not only with national guidelines, but also our own, to provide women with all of the team that she needs to have the best outcome and experience.”

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It’s been a great source of pride for me to work at St. Luke’s. I’ve seen how care has evolved in breast cancer over the years, and I see how Aurora invests in resources to bring the next best way to treat patients here. In order to give each woman her best chance for cure and to give her the widest range of options, it’s very important that it be a team effort. We sit down as radiation doctors, medical oncologists and surgeons to discuss each woman’s case. Using national guidelines and possible research opportunities, we come up with options that give her the best chance of cure with the least risk of side effects.